Faculty and Staff

Administrative Team
Dr. Mario Pires, Principal, [email protected]
Ms. Michelle da Costa, Assistant Principal, TBA
Ms. Bethanie Raymond, School Adjustment counselor, [email protected]
Ms. Karen Lombard, Teaching and Learning Specialist, [email protected]
Ms. Rebecca Isidorio, Administrative Assistance, 
[email protected]
Ms. Irene CaneiraNurse[email protected]

Grade-Level Teachers
Ms. Jane Rhuda, 
Kindergarten, [email protected]
Ms. Michelle DiPietro, Kindergarten, [email protected]
Ms. Paige Hussey, Kindergarten, [email protected]
Mr. Jesse Pozzi, 1st grade, [email protected]
Ms. Nicole Akin, 1st grade, [email protected]
Ms. Kristen Bruce-Desorcy, 1st grade, [email protected]
Ms. Melissa Dextradeur, 2nd grade, [email protected]
Ms. Julie Botte, 2nd grade, [email protected]
Ms. Melissa Caton, 2nd grade, [email protected]
Ms. Elicia Fischman, 3rd grade, [email protected]
Ms. Colleen McLaughlin, 3rd grade, [email protected]
Ms. Sarah Garceau, 3rd grade, [email protected]
Ms. Briana Duren, 4th grade, [email protected]
Mr. Gary Miller, 4th grade, [email protected]
Ms. Courtney Gifford, 4th & 5th grade, [email protected]
Ms. Bridget Murphy, 4th & 5th grade, [email protected]
Ms. Stephanie Quarterone, 5th grade, [email protected]
Ms. ToniAnne Kennefick, 5th grade, [email protected]

Specialty Teachers
TBA, Physical Education, TBA
Ms. Sarah Desroches, Health, [email protected]
Mr. Lee Dias, Music, [email protected]
Ms. Melissa Main,  Art, [email protected]

Special Service Providers
Ms. Christine Rodrigues, SPED Tutor K - 1, [email protected]
Ms. Jamie Karalekas, SPED Tutor grades 2-3, [email protected]
Ms. Sarah White, SPED Tutor grades 4-5, [email protected]
Ms. Anita Baron, ESL Teacher, [email protected]
Ms. Jill Paquette, ESL Teacher, [email protected]
Ms. Jessica Silvia, Reading Specialist, [email protected]
Ms. Gina Fortin, Interventionist, [email protected]
Ms. Nicole Enos, SPED Facilitator, [email protected]
Ms. Stephanie Cournoyer, Speech Pathologist, [email protected]
Ms. Danielle Tremblay, Occupational Therapy, [email protected]
Ms. Jen Wendt, Family Engagement, [email protected]
TBA, Wraparound Specialist, TBA

Auxiliary Support Providers
Ms. Susana Martins, Sr. Custodian, [email protected]
Mr. Alec Ribeiro, Jr. Custodian, [email protected]
Ms. Traci Lorenco, Lunch Aide[email protected]
Ms. Katia Teixeira, Lunch Aide, [email protected]
Ms. Alyssa DeMelo, Building Substitute, [email protected]
Ms. Ellen Dickenson, Paraprofessional, [email protected]
Ms. April Storer, Paraprofessional, TBA
Ms. Claudia Figeureo, paraprofessional, TBA